Giddy up motherfuckers y'all know who this be

We beer fueled, here to, drink your whiskey
That's fire-water, better watch your daughter round me
For she end up in the bed of my f-150
Riding me like a pony, like Gin-u-wine
Middle fingers up to the fucking swine
I ain't Johnny cash I don't walk the line
I practice DUI just to pass the time

I like my women loose, I like my loosies rolled tight
With a knife tucked if you fucks wanna fight
If you value your life you won't fuck with us
Cuz we get buck wild and we're out for blood

We're here to paint this town red
With 10 gallon hats on 5 gallon heads
Trucks with 44's, fuck your Lexus
Cuz everything’s, everything’s bigger in Texas We're here to paint this town red
Get your woman's boots under our beds
Big tit's, big asses like hour glasses
Cuz everything’s everything bigger in Texas

Gotta band of roving outlaws rolling with me
We deadly, lynching enemies with guitar strings
Then we cut em down and bury em six feet deep
Let time turn em into Texas Tea
I'll knock out your teeth with my belt buckle
Beat you in the street with it wrapped around my knuckles
I'll tussle any muscle trying to hustle me
You wanna beef mother fucker I’ll be your Huckleberry

Getty up motherfuckers lets party tonight
Raise hell, raise hell, make this place this ignite
Everything’s, everything’s bigger in Texas
Everything’s, everything’s better in Texas