Adam Baxter - Lead Vocals


Adam Baxter comes from a musical family - his father played trumpet in high school, sang tenor in local gospel quartets, and was the music director at their local church throughout his childhood. His mother sang in church choir and played piano and/or organ for church as long as he can remember. "I personally started out singing in 1985 at the age of five, and then started taking piano lessons at age nine, and saxophone at age ten," he remembers. Fast forward to 2003, graduating from Friends University in Wichita KS with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, he plays any saxophone, the bassoon, guitar (acoustic and electric), bass (electric and upright), didgeridoo, drums, trumpet, trombone, cello, and has a vocal range to cover up to four octaves. 


Adam wears many hats in the band. In addition to being the lead singer/vocalist and rhythm guitarist, he also does a majority of the band's booking, graphic design for logos, merchandise, and media,  and a large chunk of social media networking/marketing! Demos are also recorded, mixed, and mastered in his home studio.


Coming from a diverse background of musical training and taste, Adam has made it his goal to express his creative side by however the mood strikes him. His biggest influences are Linkin Park and System of a Down - but his previous musical experience that still influence him today include:

1. Saxophone in ska band "3 Way Stop" (Wichita/Haysville KS, 1997-1998)

2. Guitar/bass/vocals in punk/rock band "Society's Victim" (Wichita/Derby, KS; switched between strings with another member depending on the song, 1999-2002)

3. Bass for punk band "Snapback" (Wichita/Pretty Prairie, KS, 2004-2005)

4. Bass/keyboard for screamo band "Central Tragedy" (Tulsa, OK, 2005-2006)

5. Acoustic guitar/vocals for his own solo project (2006-present)

6. Vocals for metal band "CagedHollow" (Wichita, KS, 2010-2012)

Occasionally, you'll hear Adam going back to his roots when warming up by singing anything from Conway Twitty to Goldfinger to Breaking Benjamin!