Burning Bridges

I have forgiven a lot, you have shown no change

Now I’ve forgiven enough, your apathy is the same
You have gone too far this time for me to allow
Room for your excuses, nothing can save you now

Pour the gas, light the match, there is
No crossing, no turning back
Don't plead your case, don’t try to stay
This bridge is burned, just walk away

Too soon to forget, too late for remorse
No patience to forgive you, without recourse
This parting is sweet, but in no way sorrow
The time has come to leave you cold and hollow

I know people like you are a dime a dozen
I am better off without “fair weather” friends
I know better than to count on you

You can pretend that nothing happened
There's no path for us that leads to the same end
You've provided the fuel, and you lit the flame
No apology of yours can wash it away