Clay Wilson - Drums


To Clay, music is emotion. He has always had a deep interest in how music plays such a deep part in culture. It all started in middle school band class where he played clarinet, oboe, and later bassoon. He decided after transitioning to high school, that he wanted to play the music he listened to.


Clay saw drums as an outlet for letting out stress, but it became so much more. Once he had the basics, it became easier to put himself inside what he was playing. From there, Clay went the extra mile by teaching himself more patterns, as well as studying fills by playing covers. After trying out a few bands, he caught the bug and started working on originals. Eventually, I found Without Sacrifice.

The Future...

According to Clay: "I've never felt more motivated or challenged than with this group. My skills have doubled since joining & recording my first album. I love playing music & I'll be playing until I physically have to stop. Then, I'll probably teach drums."