Do You Wanna Drown

 walked into the store like never before for a bottle of liquid courage

The clerk looks at me like I'm 23 with no clue what to drink at my age

I flash my ID and point to the date, harboring a little rage

Don’t mean to harass, what a pain in the ass it must be to be stuck in that cage!

Behind bars and glass windows, dealing their wares and ale

Passing out (ha ha) an offer of “Do you wanna drown?”

Who can resist such phenomenal bliss, especially on sale?

In the blink of an eye, I said aye, aye, I think I wanna drown!

Now at the bar, I never go far from what the bartender offers

Seeking nectar of gods what are the odds you have what I’m after

A whiskey for me and for my lady, but make hers a double

Make it cold, make it quick, and we’ll give you no trouble

Drug or not I drink my cup and take pleasure in doing so

As long as you’re pouring, I choose debauchery now drown my sorrow

I’m drunk again as clouds roll in; think I’ll have another (have another)

Storms brew outside but I’m in here so they’re no bother (they’re no bother)

Last call, I say I’ll have one more for the road (for the road)

At this point in time the rain can wash me back to my abode (my home where I drown alone)

You can’t judge me for being me, I know when I’ve had enough

I’m a grown ass man, I’ll be the one to say when I wanna drown

Now pour us a shot, together we’ll both go down

Company beats misery as we all drink and we all drink and drown