From the darkness I emerge into a crowd

A sea of bodies parts for me, screaming out loud
I approach an empty stage – or at least it seems to be
But a lone figure appears in front, looking down at me

A warning comes with the Buffalo Man;
A nightmare, so to speak
So beware of what he offers you
He’ll strike you where you’re weak

A buffalo’s head rests on the neck of a man 7 feet tall
“Get up here and look around,”– he paused – as if that’s not all
“They’re here for you, now get to work, don’t you think it’s time to rest...”
“...I have so much more to show you, son, enjoy it while it lasts!”

He gave me all my hopes and dreams, with hesitation as he spoke
“You have to open your eyes sometime,” he said, and that’s when I awoke!

Having heard about the buffalo man from legendary past
I knew better than to fall for his tricks, then wind up down on my ass
So I fought the urge to turn around just to pacify him
Instead I closed my eyes to the crowd that had suddenly grown dim