Existential Angst

I feel it choking me; it’s making me stop mid-breath

My body is pushing against itself
Now I want to escape my constricting skin
No relief in sight, just desire to give in

I can barely see me now
This shadow swallows me whole
I cannot breathe in or out
I need relief but there is only misery
With nothing to show

I cannot make it mine, it isn’t even me
I’ll just do what I have to, In hopes of fitting in
This is the way it is, I cannot let you down
Your disappointment kills me, so I give in

I can start over every day and still end up the same way
Everywhere you look there are eyes
Snap out of it and look alive
They'll have to ask why, you'll have to lie

You can’t expect them to be
Bothered with your logic your emotion your dreams
There’s got to be more to life than working for a living
When there’s too much month at the end of the money