Go Free Yourself

Wealth and fame

Fortunate disgrace

Sell your self in finding

Ways of changing fate

Don’t let chains restrain your will, your dreams

Just go down fighting for one life, one chance

It’s all you get so make it worthwhile, just

Live now, and embrace your power to choose, relate

Your life, your chance to claim your freedom

Finally at the top

Nowhere to go but down

Grasping for what you had

Face first into the ground

When I reach for more, I wind up with less

Blind but blessed

I feel like I’m chasing a green dragon

Like an addict chases a light

So I can buy anything I imagine

Cuz that’s the key to happiness in life, right?

So why do I feel so empty

When I’m in the best place I’ve been without in life

Cuz sacrificing the dream is dying to feed the will of the all-seeing eye

Break the machine, stand your ground

Raise up your spirit; don’t let them hold you down

Do what you do to express yourself and

Claim your freedom