Impatient 4.1mperfection

Don’t accuse me of lacking integrity

Or mistake my horns for a halo

Although I know it’s easy

Are these neckties just nooses?

It’s useless in the giant scheme, one chooses

I am the king of “you can’t win them all” mediocrity

Choo-sing my ba-ttles with wholehearted a-pathy.

I won't fall prey to your victim mentality.

I am losing the war, before losing my sanity.

When it rains, it pours, this time it’s torrential

A shit-storm landslide’s inevitable

It’s times like these that drive one to drink

So pour another glass, our sorrows to sink

Slip away in silence

Impatient for imperfection

Homemade lobotomy

Unseen obscenity

Hearts break like glass

You’d give anything to hear their voice

Do anything to feel their touch

But now it’s too late

In this perfect world we built just for ourselves

We leave no more room for anybody else

Walls too high for anyone to climb

So the only way in is to break them down