Krissy Avila - Keys/BGVs


Born in Fort Hood, raised in El Paso TX, Krissy was put into piano lessons at the age of 7 - she discovered KISS around the same time. From there, she realized rock and roll was where it was at. During adolescence, she picked up bass and guitar, then began writing songs at age 13. Over the years, Krissy took lessons here and there to refine her techniques and finally picked up drums at 19. 


Krissy moved to Dallas in 2011. She sang in a band for a couple of years until the band broke up. "I never thought keyboards were cool until I actually sat down and started writing to it in 2014. Eventually a lot of work showed up my way because of it," Krissy reminisces.


"KISS was the gateway. Listening to Paul Simons writing as a teenager pushed me to write. I really started to understand Zapp and Roger, Rick James, and Cameo once I was very serious about keyboards."