Omega Dead

A word of warning to the huddled masses

The house we built is falling apart
We've stood aside as the building crashes
Wondering why life's so hard
You can pray for days to end the madness
But the cloth is worn and filled with shame
Our aging quotes just bring more sadness
But the will is the way, they are one and the same

Like a gun to the back of the head
Like a gun to the back of the head
Purging out all our evil, blaming the day because we're godless
Purging out all our evil,faith is a way to make our cities burn

The poets write of revelation
Everything they see is red
A passing wave of imitation
The idols call Omega Dead
A bullet sold for every free mind
Take a knee and accept your fate
I will follow you into the white light, baby
But make no mistake, I am not afraid