We blindly reach for independence

But as dependents we defend our right to deny it
Everywhere we go we show we know nothing
About how to treat one another
Our colors divide what once was united
Our state of mind split over who we're all fighting
Hypocrisy writes our moral code of ethics
Red, white, and blue won't define our genetics

Fair's fair, unless you have it better
What's good for the goose ain't enough for the gander

Brainwashing placebo
Forget it, just an excuse to abuse
Ignorance is bliss but
What the fuck is your excuse

Effectively persuasive purveyors of hate
Casting their images of victim mentality
Starting riots, inciting violence, only proving
Our nation is bred for hostility
This hate isn't natural, it's taught, it's learned
Then the cycle starts again
Over and over and over we start wars
Our forefathers never wanted

Like stones we throw our hate and fear
Get it together, America, or why the fuck live here

Take your pill