Red, White, [Black] and Blue

The stars and stripes are falling down tonight.

All are set ablaze by the left and the right.

A nation divided by the choices we've made.

Suffocating from the bulk of our hate.

The land of the free is shackled, and chained.

Foaming at the mouth at the promise of change.

Freedom from tyranny – all but our own.

Our brand of violence is all we condone.

Red is the blood that we spill.

White are the lies that we tell.

Bruised from the pain we go through.

Red & white, we’ll leave you black & blue.

We’re the United States of hypocrisy, casting judgement on all that we see

We’re the United States of anarchy, the wretched refuse of democracy.

We have the right to bear arms, but cannot pull the trigger.

As we tear ourselves down, we're only making them bigger.

If you fight for your rights you might end up dead.

With the government's gun pressed to your head.

We are legion, for we are many.

Don't let them take us for every penny.

United we stand, united we fight,

We'll make them beg for their lives.

So send us your tired, your poor, and your weak.

We need them all for the media machine. 

Send your tired, poor, and weak

For the media machine