Right There

Algunos de nosotros pasamos toda nuestra vida sin sacrificio, sin consecuencias y alli para, sin victoria. 

Depende de nosotros decidir si estamos dispuestas a hacer daño por las cosas que queremos. 

Esta justo ahi. Alcanzalo. 

How many times are you gonna let the hours pass?

How many times are you gonna say no?

When the hell is it all supposed to go down?

Even if it did you know you wouldn't show. 

What you gotta do is look at all around the room

Say “it's my birthday and I don’t give a fuck”

About time you was on top of the food chain 

No one’s ever there from pure dumb luck

It ain’t all chit chat what you know

Not that in the end what'd you fucking do

People are gonna say what they want to say 

You make sure that they can’t say it to you

This is opportunity every step you take

Make it closer to immunity

Look alive it's as good as it gets 

You are the one who lives with your own regrets

It’s right there, reach it 

Watcha gonna do

It’s right there, reach it

I’m talking to you