Robbie Tivis Jordan - Bass/BGVs


Robbie grew up an avid music fan. Writing his own lyrics, and poetry from a young age. He eventually started teaching himself guitar in his early teens by learning as many Nirvana songs as he could. He had his first live experience playing various rock covers, and a couple of originals to patrons at a local diner with a friend providing vocals. A show they made $50 playing.  Starting his first real band around the age of 17. He helped a friend to learn bass, an instrument he himself had yet to play. Jamming out to Three Days Grace covers, and a few originals with another friend who played the drums. They unfortunately couldn't complete the line up, and never escaped that garage. Eventually they drifted apart.

After that Robbie kept up the search for the right group for him. Eventually picking up bass to help widen his search.


Robbie started his adventure in Without Sacrifice as the band's roadie, stepping in on bass to cover for Rock after a motorcycle accident so that the band could still play the shows they had booked. He never expected to become a full member of the band when Rock returned as the rhythm guitarist, so Adam could dedicate his full attention to being the frontman.


With influences all over the place, Robbie likes to find inspiration wherever he can. Whether it's his lyrics, or the music he's composing. He tries to keep an open mind when it comes to music.