Scott "Rock" Rockstead - Rhythm Guitar


Scott Rockstead or "Rock" began his musical career in San Diego, CA. at the age of 7 learning music theories as well as to read, write and play music. Learning to play the tenor & alto saxophones were just the start of this journey. In 9th grade on Christmas morning he received his first guitar, a 2003 limited edition Gibson Flying V which he proceeded to play every chance he got. he joined his first band while in High School Learning other bands music and playing parties. While this band never formally had a name, it was the beginning of an amazing music career. After graduating High School he joined a hard rock band named Mother May I which soon became Rattlecage and finally landed on the name Violent Mood Swing. VMS was a force in the San Diego area Releasing the album “Turmoil” and having been nominated at the San Diego Music Awards for Album of the year and best live act of the year only to be beat by a well-known band named P.O.D. After about 10 years together, VMS split up and Rock went on to create the heavy metal band Six Foot Deathtrap releasing the album “Vindication” shortly after formation. While in this band he was approached by a member of another band named Brick Bath who had already released their first album ‘I Won’t Live The Lie” and had just lost their bass player. Rock wasted no time in accepting the bass position - pulling double duty between Six Foot Deathtrap as guitarist and Brick Bath as bassist. Shortly after becoming full time bassist of Brick Bath and releasing the albums “Rebuilt” and “American Currency”, Brick Bath finally disbanded. So, Rock and guitarist Eric Meyer decided to put together a Pantera Tribute band aptly named Pantera’D. Great success was achieved in that tribute until the band disbanded. A couple years following the breakup of Pantera’D Rock was asked to join the band Trailerpark Rockstar whose line up contained Eric Meyer of Brick Bath. Rock wasted no time in accepting the position and the band proceeded to release their follow up to the self-titled “Trailerpark Rockstar” album with “Troubled Sons”.


Rock is the Rhythm Guitarist of the band Without Sacrifice, carrying as much low end as possible to support the intricate vocals, guitars, keyboards and drums. Not being a conventional bassist and having a large guitar background, you will find Rock playing with a pick as well as fingers depending on what best lends itself to the music. Hard hitting and aggressive best explains the way Rock plays as well as presents himself in a live performance.


Rock has a diversity of influences ranging from Pantera, Machine Head, Five Finger Death Punch to more modern bands like Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin. Rock is endorsed by Spector Bass Guitars which influence came from Rex Brown of Pantera and Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch who are both Spector endorsed artists.