How do I put these feelings to words?

What I’d express is more than word’s worth

Exhausted, I exhale - Grief stricken, inflicted

No hope found, feeling conflicted

You consumed my life, my time

Eating my core and all that’s mine, but that’s okay

The grass has yet to grow over my dead heart’s grave

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words

And that actions speak louder

But all I’m getting from you is paralysis

Afraid to move or speak – like a coward

Go ahead and test me - How much can I take?

See if it’ll phase me - What difference will it make?

Unbeaten, unbroken, I refuse - I test my boundaries on you

Open mouth, insert foot, masticate

Think long and hard, only THEN articulate

Take my word – or don’t and

Draw your own conclusions but skating

By on assumptions is presumptuous

Just secede, you’re powerless, out of options

We’re all more than just flesh and blood 

Some wounds don't heal 

Some scars run deep

Go ahead, keep trolling behind your fucking screen 

Bow, kneel, or grovel – Run, walk, or crawl

Without action, words are hollow – Time to lead or follow

Take a step back, take a look at your life

Take another step back, motherfucker!

Take a step back,

Look at your life,


Take away


Fucking weigh it out!

Drag your own name through the shit

Mine’s had enough, cease & desist