Step up, say it to my face if you have the spine.
Talk shit, it's all you have don't waste my fucking time.
Back off, prepare yourself before it's said, and done.
I'll break, your will to live so kid you'd better run.


I don't need your validation
Or your indoctrination.

Speak now, or hold your peace before you come at me
Withhold, all of your lies of what you claim to be
Unmasked, show your face erase this whole facade
Revealed, the magic trick we see through your mirage

I don't see a point in listening.
You don't see a point in thinking
I don't see a point continuing.
I don't think that you should be breathing.

You put on a face of misplaced self-importance

As if anyone cares when you speak you have missed your chance

To rise above your own means and avoid self-destruction

Those means meet their end but hey kid you had a nice run

One last word I have for you before we bid adieu

Open your eyes, ears, and mind to what we have to show you