Window Pain Reflection

I dreamed a window, 'thought what is this?'

I saw a man, his life was less than bliss
Poor and drunk and all alone again
Sure looks like he could use a win
He's got a dead-end job, debts are piling up
Doesn't look like he could give a fuck
Takes another shot just to ease his pain
Then he tried to stand up, just to fall again

He has no car, says his feet can lead him
So he walks to work, cold and defeated
He seems to believe that getting laid
Is so much better than what he's getting paid
His priorities? The man doesn't give a damn
Thinking someone should lend him a hand
But then I took a step back, only to see
The window is a mirror and the man is me

The pain he felt; only temporary
The cards he'd been dealt, were a familiarity
This window pane; in actuality
A mirror reflecting my insecurity

Well then I woke up and looked in the mirror
Looking back at me was nothing to fear
It's a few years later on down the road
The path I lead now is something to boast
A better job, a car, and a beautiful wife
Music is the icing on the cake of my life and love
In fact, I've found a way
This is the man that is here to stay