Struttin on the street while she's makin a scene

Her devil green eyes that make a man scream
If only they had known that she was unclean
But baby keep on breaking 'em down
As she's lickin her lips and she's shackin her tits
She knows this life's a lie and it's makin her sick
Every time she cries, they fall for her trick
So baby keep on breaking 'em down!

I seem to fight my denial through my life
And in my bitter mind I see you
In your wrong skin

What the guys don't know is the shit that she's sayin
Is just another part of the game she's playin
Never regret the time that she's wasted
And baby keep on bringin 'em down
This little chick keeps makin 'em beg
Well fuck you, little bitch, don't mess with my head
I'm the bigger man, so fuck what you said
Baby won't be bringin me down!

Everything you say is makin me sick

Those fucked up little things just makin me sick

Everything you say is makin me sick but

Baby won't be bringin me down